"Living Like Daddy"

Call me a bit crazy….but I love Spongebob Squarepants.  Out of all of the cartoons the boys have watched over the years, there’s just something about Spongebob.  Guess part of it is that a marine biologist is its creator.  The humor has several levels & can be appreciated by more than just kids.  For months, as I lay with the boys at night after we said prayers, we’d take turns talking about our favorite episodes.

Since Mark’s death, I have a new favorite Spongebob episode.  It’s one where Spongebob and Patrick (the not-too-bright starfish) watch longingly as Larry the Lobster, the buff lifeguard with the great tan, lives each day to the fullest.  They decide to follow suit, saying they are “living like Larry.”  Of course, as most things go with Spongebob, he and Patrick end up getting injured by attempting some of Larry’s activities.  As Larry says, “You should live life to the fullest, but don’t maim yourselves!”. 

I’ve borrowed and adapted the slogan for our own.  We are “Living like Daddy”.  Daddy was fun & he lived life to the fullest.  He was strong, healthy, full of life, and tried each and every day to be involved in interesting fun activities….and was darn good at involving all of us in them in the process. We don’t want to hurt ourselves either, but live life to the fullest in honor of him.

That all being explained, I decided that this Saturday would be the first “Living like Daddy” experiment.  Took AJ and Ben’s oldest friend, Sam, with us to the Little League park.  The weather was gorgeous, and AJ’s team won 21-2.  Afterwards, we raced home just long enough for AJ to change clothes, then headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  That place is loud, boisterous, and every sports person’s dream.  Watched the Rangers on their way to a win tonight, saw highlights of Baylor losing to K-State (GO CATS!), and watched Texas stomp all over Iowa State.  It was fun. 

After eating, we headed to the Plex for a game of mini golf.  We have a great course, not 2 miles from our house, and I’m embarrassed to say our boys have never played it before.  Neither had Sam.  We had a blast.  As I stood there listening to three boys trash talking, laughing, and giving each other unsolicited golfing advice, I just felt so happy.  We were ‘living like Daddy’, out enjoying a cool beautiful early fall evening, under a cloudless sky.

Of course, having Mark there would’ve made it perfect.  But since that can’t be, it’s my job to help make opportunities for good memories in his absence.  Don’t want the boys to look back, years from now, and think, “Wow, we really had alot of fun and made great memories before Dad died, but after we lost him, we just didn’t do as much.  We quit having as much fun.”  I want them to remember scores of great times with their Dad, and make great fun memories even after Dad went to heaven.  It’s my job now, and I take it very seriously 🙂 

So, we’re “Living like Daddy” each and every day—and hoping not to maim ourselves in the process.