Being still

It’s 10:30 a.m. on a Friday.  I sit at my dining room table, still in my pajamas, my right foot elevated and wrapped in ice.  I stepped off my back porch and into a small hole last evening, spraining my ankle. 

I was with a contractor, who was showing me my empty beautiful backyard, after he and a crew of 6 worked tirelessly for two full days, removing my jacuzzi, decking, concrete walkway, wisteria, and underlying supports.  The jacuzzi, circa 1985-ish, had seen its best days.  The cover had been chewed by a bird dog.  It was time to get rid of the mess. 

As I stumbled in the hole, the contractor instinctively reached out to support me.  After pulling off my shoes, I continued to walk the backyard with him.  Things looked great, and I paid him. 

Looking down at the ankle only a few minutes later, I see a baseball-sized swelling around the ankle.  Uh oh.  What will I do?  I can’t be hobbling around the house, there’s way too much to do around here!  We’ve been home less than a week, and every day, I’ve had projects to accomplish.  This week alone, there’s been window installation, vinyl siding completion, painting, and backyard demolition.  And that was just as of yesterday. 

But everything stopped as I gingerly walked to Mark’s big recliner, and my two boys brought me pillows, ibuprofen, and a ziploc bag full of ice.  They were so sweet and so attentive.  Anything I needed they helped me with.  We even foolishly ventured out to dinner, and I hobbled into the restaurant, holding onto A.J.’s arm.  I propped the leg up in a spacious booth, and watched as my two boys declined the children’s menu, each devouring a teriyaki sirloin with sides.  By the time we left, I could tell the ankle was worse.  We drove home post haste.

They helped me back into the recliner.  More ice and ibuprofen began to help.  What was I going to do about the wet laundry in the washing machine?  What about the two beds left to put clean sheets on?  The world stopped, and I just sat.  I had the two best nurses taking care of me. 

“Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted in the earth!”
Ps 46:10 (AMP)
The other popular translation is “Be still and know that I am God”…..
God—are You trying to tell me something?  Here I sit, with an aching ankle, projects running through my head.  I hadn’t even had time to unload the rest of the truck from our KS trip until yesterday, and my Bible & devotion book were at the bottom of the pile on my front passenger seat. 
In my haste to accomplish all the tasks on my “to-do” list, I have been leaving out You. You, my reason for living.  You, my everything.  You, the true head of my household.
If it takes spraining my ankle to get me to slow down enough to “let be” and subsequently “be still,” then the least I can do is catch up on my devotions and reading. 
The bed linens were changed by my crawling there (lol) and the boys helping.  The laundry can be re-washed today.  The trash was taken out by the 10 year old.  By being still, I see how much these boys have matured.  THEY are taking care of ME. 
The ankle’s going to be fine.  I can almost walk without pain today.  But the pajamas are pretty comfy, so I think I’ll continue to “let be” for the rest of the day.  Good thing I’ve got such great support in house and up in heaven.
God,  Thank you for your mercies and your many blessings.  Thank you for allowing me to slow down, let be, and be still.  Thank you also for two fine boys who are quickly turning into two fine young men, right before my eyes.  I pray that they will continue to grow and mature in your word, and that you would give me the wisdom to help them. 
In Jesus’ name I pray,